From: NDFP <>
Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
January 13, 2006
The Communist Party of the Phlippines today charged that alleged plans 
by the Netherlands government to extradite National Democratic Front of 
the Philippines' Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria "Ka Joema" Sison 
to the Philippines is a "dirty US-Malacaņang scheme" intended to 
Sison of his status as a political refugee and make him an open target 
of either the "US terrorists and the fascist Arroyo regime's death 
CPP spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal said that Malacaņang wants 
the public to believe that it is the Dutch government that wishes to 
deport Sison. In fact, Rosal said, it is the US and its puppet, the 
Arroyo government that have long been conspiring to force Sison's 
Rosal said that the Arroyo regime has long been pushing Sison's 
extradition. He noted that last December, the Department of Justice 
(DoJ) included Sison's name in an amended complaint that charges him 
with complicity in the 2001 killing of ex-Col. Rodolfo Aguinaldo. 
Information on the amended case was sent to The Netherlands in the form 
of a revised DoJ resolution dated 1 December 2005. Sison has vehemently 
denied involvement in Aguinaldo's death. The New People's Army has 
on claimed responsibility for killing Aguinaldo, who gained notoriety 
during the Marcos dictatorship for his involvement in brutal 
counter-insurgency campaigns and the torture and murder of various 
political dissenters.
Rosal lambasted Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita for brazenly 
deceiving the public when he claimed on January 11 that the Arroyo 
government supported what he alleged to be Dutch government moves to 
have Sison extradited. In the same breath, however, he admitted that 
Dutch officials themselves had expressed reservations about the 
extradition. Rosal pointed out that in the absence of an extradition 
treaty between the two countries, the Dutch government had no 
to send Sison back to the Philippines.
Rosal said that the US and Arroyo governments' persistence to have 
extradited are all in violation of Dutch, European Union and 
international laws with regard his rights as a political refugee. He 
cited Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights which 
prohibits the transfer of refugees to any country where they run the 
risk of being subjected to torture or any form of inhumane or degrading 
treatment or punishment and of being sentenced to death.
Rosal said that threats to Sison's life should he be forced to return 
the Philippines are all too real, given the fact that the Arroyo regime 
has been at the forefront of campaigns to vilify him, the CPP and the 
New People's Army as "terrorists". He said that once in the 
Sison will become an "open target of the Arroyo regime's fascist 
"Under the Arroyo regime, anti-government activists, human rights 
advocates and leaders and members of democratic and progressive 
organizations have become fair game for Malacaņang-instigated and 
AFP/PNP-directed death squads," Rosal stressed.
"Ka Joema has been one of the prime targets of the Arroyo government's 
campaign of state terrorism and villification. Arroyo terribly hates Ka 
Joema as he is able to inspire the Filipino people to rise up against 
her corrupt and rotten regime," added Rosal.