PCm Italia – PBSP Bangla DeshPCI MLM Iran

Partito Comunista maoista Italia

Dear Comrades,

We learned about your Congress already a while agowe actually announced it at the international meeting held in Paris last April. Your 2006 May First statement was also included in the documents of this meeting.

We also learned about the document you have published. Although it is part of the international documentation that we are currently studying within our party, it will be difficult for us to comment on it before your congress. But we will do it afterwards.

The newest edition (No. 2) of our La Nuova Bandiera magazine contains several articles dealing with topics raised in your own document. We invite you especially to read the one entitled "Interview with the MCP - Italy: For an assessment of the Nepalese experience" which fits largely in the discussion you are about to hold at your congress.

We think that your congress will represent a genuine step forward for the Canadian proletariat and for the advance of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, being built at the heart of the imperialist countries

Receive our enthusiastic greetings!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live the progression in the work for building MLM parties for waging people's war in the imperialist countries!
Long live the RIM! Let's put forward the two-line struggle so we can develop towards a new International Communist!
Long live people's war in Peru, Nepal, Turkey, India and the Philippines!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

PCm Italy
Central Committee

Novembre 2006


Partito Proletario del Purpa Bangla (Bangla Desh) al PCR MLM Canada 16-11-2006

Dear Comrades,
Red salute.

We came to know that you are going to hold congress of your party. Certainly this is a good news, delightful news. We wish success of your congress wholeheartedly.

The world is now advancing through a great challenging situation. Revolution and revolutionary struggle is developing in many countries on the basis of MLM by confronting this challenge. And Maoist party is also building in different countries. Maoist party is very few is capitalist countries in this case. In this context, building of Maoist party in Canada like a capitalist country is not only inspiring for proletariat class and masses of Canada but also a good news for world proletariat class. We think this as an advancement and achievement for our class, i.e., proletariat class.

We hope, the revolution of Canada will advance under the leadership of this party. Moreover we hope, your party will keep important role in world communist movement under the leadership of RIM.

You are definitely aware of that we are trying to build up a successful people's war in every way in our country. Although you and we, both party is engaged in revolution with totally separate two types of socio-economic system, but both of we have identical ideologyMLM. We hope fraternal relation will be closer next among both of us.

We request you for sending documents adopted in congress and other important documents to us.

Revolutionary greetings to your congress-delegate, observer of congress and cadres and supporters including your central leadership.

At last, wish your success again.

International Bureau,
Central Committee.
Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla (PBSP) [Bangladesh)

16 November, 2006


Partito Comunista dell’Iran (M-L-M) 15-12-2006

Dear Comrades,

We would like to congratulate you on the occasion of founding the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (M-L-M).

The founding of the party is, in our opinion, a major achievement of the revolutionary communists of Canada in struggle for carrying out struggle for establishing socialism. It is also a very important step towards strengthening the International Communist Movement especially the RIM which your party is supporting.

Today the US imperialists have launched an unlimited war against peoples of the world and an undeclared war against the proletarian people in the US itself.

US imperialist tries to impose its hegemony on the world through classic colonialist style of conquering countries through military intervention and regime change. In the process of colonizing and consolidating its hegemony, the United States enters into conflicts with other imperialist powers and reactionaries such as the Iraqi, Iranian, and Afghanistan regimes. However, these conflicts are nothing but contradictions between imperialists and reactionaries. They have nothing to do with the contradiction between capitalism and the working class or the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed peoples.

The present regime in Iran is an Islamic theocracy and is the state of the comprador feudal classes, which was established with the support of imperialist powers and as a step to crush the democratic revolution of 1978-79. The theocratic regime launched massacres of revolutionaries and communist forces, and launched a major offensive against workers, women, oppressed nationalities, and peasants. While raising slogans against the "Great Satan," the Islamic regime continued military and economic relation with the United States. Under the slogan of opposing the Zionist state of Israel, Iran is promoting theocratic Islam in the Palestinian movement.

Under the conditions of a serious crisis in the world when imperialist powers and reactionaries are in disarray, we witness the rise of innumerable spontaneous struggles throughout the world. These resistances are fragmented. The historical mission of the communist movement is to unite and lead these struggles in order to carry out proletarian revolutions.

Communists and revolutionary forces should not, under any condition, take sides in the conflict between imperialism and reaction.

Dear Comrades,

We are confident that the founding of the Communist Party of Canada (M-L-M) will enhance the world communist movement, and contribute to its renovating in the wake of the defeats it has suffered. We look forward to working closely with you in this direction and in the framework of RIM.

Please accept our heartfelt proletarian internationalist salutes. Your party is a detachment of our class world-wide.

Long Live International Communist Movement !
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism !
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism !
Long Live Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada !
Long Live RIM !

Communist Party of Iran (M-L-M) 15-12-2006